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about dr. Nicole

Dr. Nicole Edwards is a board certified Family Medicine Physician, Compensation & Pension Examiner, Public Speaker, Health Educator, Weight Loss and Wellness Expert, Concierge Medicine Physician, TV and Radio Medical Consultant, and Minister. Dr. Nicole attended Oral Roberts University where she obtained a B.S. in pre-med psychology. Though she knew she wanted to eventually be a doctor, she obtained 2 M.A. Degrees in Professional Counseling and Marriage and Family Therapy while studying for the MCATs. Dr. Nicole worked as a therapist doing family, individual, couple, and play therapy. She worked for the Family Sexual Abuse Treatment Program doing therapy with families ravaged by the effects of sexual abuse.

My Services

Abundantly Natural

We provide supplements to help improve your health and wellness for various ailments. 

Abundant Life Concierge Medicine

Providing direct access to your primary care physician that is tailored to you without an insurance company in the middle.

Abundant C&P Veteran Claims
Assisting Veterans in applying for Compensation and Pension benefits.
Working with her has been an experience like no other doctor has ever provided for me.She genuinely cares and loves her patients.
J. Jones
Dr. Nicole Interview with the Salem Baptist Church of Chicago - September 6, 2020
Interview with the Salem Baptist Church - September 6, 2020
Dr. Nicole Talks with Tre Tailor on June 16 on FB Live
Interview with Tre' Tailor on Coping with Covid - June 16, 2020
FB Live on "The Real Docs Chat"