Talk with the Doc: Heart Disease & Feel Good Hormones

High blood pressure can lead to heart disease. In this episode, we talk about ways to maintain healthy blood pressure, and how to have a healthy heart!

Special guest Dr. Samm Pryce, N.D. stopped by to discuss FEEL GOOD HORMONES (what they are, how to release them, and how they help your heart.

This is Episode 2 of 2022 of Talk with the Doc with Dr. Nicole D.O.

Show Notes:

  • [00:03:44] – Causes of heart disease which is high blood pressure”
  • [00:04:02] – Understanding your blood pressure numbers.”
  • [00:16:58] – Guest: Dr. Samm Pryce, N.D.
  • [00:18:58] – how happy hormones can lower your blood pressure

Supplements mentioned in the video

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